Star Wars Day

Target celebrated Star Wars Day with fun, shareable GIFs that featured guests and team members using the Force and reinterpreting iconic Star Wars moments in the aisles of Target. #MayThe4thBeWithYou

01_UseTheForce_640x320Happy #StarWarsDay! Who’s done this Jedi Door Trick?

03_TheseArentTheSlacks_640x320Happy #StarWarsDay. You can go about your business-casual.

04_StarWarsKid_640x320Great, Kid. But don’t get cocky. Happy #StarWarsDay.

05_ItsATarp_640x320Prepare to camp to Hyperspace. Happy #StarWarsDay.

06_ThatsNoSpoon_640x320Look at him. He’s headed for that small spoon. #StarWarsDay

“I love frozen dinners.”
“I know.”
Happy #StarWarsDay

08_Checkout_640x320Welcome to #StarWarsDay. May The 4th Be With You.
Happy #StarWarsDay. #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Client — Target
Creative Director — Travis Robertson
Associate Creative Director — Steve Chirhart
Art Director — Kyle S. Gustafson
Copywriter — Aaron Muther
Director — Josh Lane