Random Acts of Kidness

This holiday Target gave adults permission to act like kids via Pinterest Printables — a collaboration with food typographer Danielle Evans.

CandyCane_736x1104 Cookies_736x1104_SG GumDrops_736x1104_SG Stocking_736x2576 Frosting_736x1104 Sleigh_736x1104_SG Ornaments_736x1104 Marshmallow_736x1104_SG_1 Trees_DOTS_736x1104_SG Snuggling_736x1104 Peeking_736x1104 Gingerbread_736x1104

Client — Target
Creative Director — John Baugh
Art Director — Kyle S. Gustafson
Art Director – Sandi Grigoryan
Copywriter — Kiera Jacobson
Food Typographer — Danielle Evans
Photographer — Chris Sheehan
Prop Stylist — Herb Schnabel
Production — Shelter Studio