Back to School Product Portraits

To celebrate Back to School season, Target created a playful, witty Product Portrait campaign on Instagram with a series of #ISeeFaces supplies shot in school portrait style.

Bouncing off the walls to go back to school? This guy is! #ISeeFaces

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Peek-a-boo! Looks like you’ve got a study buddy. #ISeeFaces

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Chug-a-lug-a-lug! Look who’s full of smiles for going back to school. #ISeeFaces

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This guy’s got your back all school year long. #ISeeFaces

Well someone’s ready to rock the year! #ISeeFaces

Did someone say paper? Got a feeling this guy will take a bite…or twenty. #ISeeFaces

NOM! NOM! NOM! Someone’s hungry for staples. #ISeeFaces

Bring on the paper-writing! Someone’s ready to hit the books. #ISeeFaces

Client — Target
Creative Director — Travis Robertson
Associate Creative Director — Jon Baugh
Art Director — Kyle S. Gustafson
Copywriter — Kiera Jacobson
Photographer — Wes Glenna
Stylist — Maureen McKean
Production — Blue Ox MPLS

Advertising Federation of Minnesota, Silver – Social Media, Single Platform